Triple and exclusive guaranty

Bundle Solutions that work instead of uncompatible software and hardware items

When you are looking for professional speech recognition, you are essentially expecting to get a system that provides:

  • extremely high speed and accuracy transcribing your professional dictations and jargon, similar or better than any good typist can achieve
  • easy installation and integration with your working environment
  • low learning curve

However, no matter what your expectations are or what you have read about it, speech recognition is not yet one hundred per cent perfect neither completely "plug-and-play"... besides, for most people, it may require acquiring new skills and working habits.

For this reason, SpeechWare does not solely sell isolated software or hardware items, but rather INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS that we guarantee to work --and at the MOST COMPETITIVE PRICING too! Selling solutions, rather than isolated items, means:

  1. Providing you the finest bundles of software with the most adequate or compatible hardware and unique services
  2. Assisting you to install the applications in your own PC through Internet (Teleworking sessions) for free
  3. Including one hour Teleworking training session, also through Internet, in the price of our bundles
  4. Including also free of charge Technical support, during three (3) months after your purchase
  5. Offering additional Internet Teleworking training, at a reasonable price, if necessary...

Only in this way, you will be reassured to purchase the finest speech recognition solution, that perfectly match your own and specific working environment!

Reimbursement of the price difference if you can find cheaper!

All our products are sold under the "Reimbursement of the Price difference" Guaranty: we will happily honour such a price difference, if you can find them cheaper at the same time of your purchase elsewhere in the European Union!