Microphone portable TravelMike

TravelMike portable desktop microphone

Ultra-lightweight and portable desktop microphone ideal for professional Speech recognition and other Voice dependent applications. Highly suitable for nomad users working with notebooks or tablets and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Similar stellar performance than the award-winning TableMikes, but in an industry first small USB module. It is delivered with the SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter, a special 90º rigid elbow USB connector, a flexible mini-boom (15 cm / 6”) with microphone and a small case for easy storage and transport.

Dual functionality ("MultiAdapter"), provided by the SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter:

  1. Long-range and variable dictation distance ("SpeechMatic") of up to 50 cm or 20", with very high accuracy in Speech recognition, for the portable desktop microphone TravelMike or low sensitive microphone headsets
  2. Normal mode for the FlexyMike Single Ear (SE) and Dual Ear (DE) headset microphones, as well as most alternative ones.

Three possible operating modes:

  1. Attached to PC with the special 90º rigid elbow connector
  2. Docked in optional base
  3. Stand alone, connected to the FlexyMike Single Ear (SE) and Dual Ear (DE) or other alternative headset microphones.

Exceptional low noise floor and stellar accuracy with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and other voice applications. One of the best USB sound cards and microphone of the market according to the specialized press...

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TabletMike snub-nosed pivoting microphone

The small microphone bundled with the USB TravelMike above, which is also ideal for speech recognition or high quality voice recording in smartphone and tables with a standard 3.5 mm and 3 pins Stereo connector

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