Work with us!

SpeechWare is always looking for good professionals, either as independent collaborators or staff, to attend its ever expanding digital dictation and speech recognition business. The following positions are available:

  • Sales executives
  • Computer specialists and Programmers
  • Multimedia specialists and Designers

French and Dutch speaking sales executives

What we sell is fascinating, leading edge technology, that changes the way people work. We enable any professional work with a computer much more quickly, productively and comfortably. This is especially important for executives, doctors, lawyers, translators, and any physically impaired people. Besides, according to the European Directive 2000/78/EC of the 27 of November 2000, all Member States of the European Union will guarantee the equality of chances in the labour market to disabled people by the 2nd of December 2003. This means, among other, that companies will have to provide technical aids such as digital dictation and speech recognition to personnel suffering from RSI and DOS.

However, as always with any new technology, people need to be made aware of its existence, as well as properly informed on its functioning and impact on their work. Eventually, they also need to test and experience it for themselves.

Your job consists of identifying people who need digital dictation andspeech recognition, contacting them, demonstrating the technology, and providing expert advice and assistance to help them to make the right purchasing decision. Excellent communication skills, as well as French and Dutch are required.

If you are interested in new technologies, extrovert, enthusiastic, articulate and feel comfortable around high level executives, doctors, lawyers, translators, and motion --RSI and OOS-- or vision impaired people, and speak French and Dutch. We would like to hear from you.

We will consider intelligent propositions from both:

- people working independently on their own, in their own city or area, under an extremely interesting commission regime

- people wishing to become member of our staff, with a salary negotiated according to skill base.

For more information and details send your CV and a cover letter to

Computer specialists and Programmers

Successful speech recognition for professional purposes very much depends, at the current state of the technology, in perfect integration of our products with the systems, working environment and specific needs.

For this reason, SPEECHWARE also seeks for computer specialists and programmers. For this position, we usually look for very young, motivated, enthusiastic individuals with excellent knowledge and experience of computers. We particularly welcome either University or Technical school graduates from computer science, programming, etc.

SPEECHWARE will provide outstanding training in speech recognition, when required.

If you think you fulfill these conditions, and dream of working in this fascinating field, send your CV and a cover letter to

Multimedia specialists and Designers

Successful speech recognition for professional purposes also depends very much on proper training of users.

For this reason, SPEECHWARE produces its own interactive training systems with the latest multimedia technologies.

If you are also a very young, motivated and enthusiastic multimedia specialists and designer, send your CV and a cover letter to