Understand how the system works

Video presentations

As you can see in the next video recordings, with Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 10 you can easily:

  • Dictate in your PC in several languages (English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish)
  • Generate text automatically in all your applications, as fast as you can dictate it - up to 160 words per minute - with speech recognition
  • Get extraordinary accuracy of voice recognition right out of the box and without any training whatsoever (around 95% and more with specific Vocabularies for each profession)
  • Further improve the initial accuracy of voice recognition (up to 99% and more), by correcting the eventual misrecognitions yourself and "teaching" the system
  • Not only dictate, but also take full control of most common applications and Windows® (2000, NT, XP and Vista), including browsing the web by voice
  • Try yourself later without commitment...

Additionally, with our Transcription Aid® you can also:

  • Get concentrated exclusively in dictation and transfer the correction of the eventual misrecognitions, accuracy improvement and editing of transcriptions to the secretary, for more productivity
  • Dictate also anywhere and out of the office, directly into any digital recorder, personal digital assistant (PDA) and even Smartphone, and transfer the transcription of the voice recording, as well as the aforementioned tasks, to the secretary.