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Spare windshields set for TableMikes

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External USB sound card SpeechMatic Half-duplex MikeAdapter for Speech recognition.

Acoustically matched for superior quality with all speech applications. Allows moving away with the same set of User speech files, avoiding recalibration and acoustic adaptation each time you change of computer, as well as some other amazing benefits!

The card allows to connect the microphone through the USB port only (Half-duplex), in case of low quality of the internal PC soundcard. This is a common problem today due to extreme integration of components. It also allows for using the same "User Profile" in different PCs without any training or adaptation whatsoever.    

We strongly recommend against the use of integrated soundcards because they are prone to microwave interference, RF interference, fan noise, and a host of other problems, due to the fact that they are unshielded. The main advantages of an external soundcard are therefore:

1. Isolates the soundcard from electronic noise produced by fans and hard drives, because they are well shielded
2. Eliminates most shielding problems by placing the soundcard outside the enclosure
3. Can be used on multiple computers because it is small and portable
4. The Dragon "User Profile" can be used in different PCs without any further training or adaptation.


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Optional USB Certified Footpedal for QuickTypist

Maximizes the performance and working comfort of the secretary when correcting dictations made by Dragon with the QuickTypist application.  

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Certified Footpedal for QuickTypist and Citrix, Serial port

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Optional USB transcriptionist headset for QuickTypist (noisy environments)

Feather light and very comfortable to wear for long working sessions.

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