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System requirements for QuickTypist:

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP1 or higher) Home and Professional or Vista
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred or Professional version 9 or higher
  • Minimum CPU speed 1GHz (2.4 GHz recommended for good performance)
  • 1 GB RAM recommended (1.5 or 2 GB recommended)
  • 1 GB free hard disk space
  • Creative® Labs Sound Blaster® 16 or equivalent sound card supporting 16-bit recording
  • CD-ROM drive (required for installation)
  • Speakers or high quality headset for the secretary (required for playback of recorded speech)
  • Certified USB Foot pedal or Grundig Foot control with USB DigtaSoundbox (Highly recommended for maximum working comfort and performance)
  • Certified or Grundig digital recorder (Recommended for automatic transcription of voice recordings with outmost accuracy).

During the install process the software checks to make sure your system meets these minimum requirements. If it does not meet them, the software will not be installed.

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QuickTypist Box

QuickTypist for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

The ONLY application in the market for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, created by SpeechWare, that allows the secretary to:

  • Playback NaturallySpeaking transcriptions in any common business application (DragonPad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, etc.), with a compatible USB foot pedal or Fkeys, for quick correction, formatting or editing and while improving the Profile of the dictating User for further accuracy gain
  • Automatically transcribe voice recordings generated with our free application QuickDicta Notes (choising 'Maximum Quality') for Android 2.2. or higher and iOS 3.2 to 6 (iPhone/iPad/iPad Touch)
  • Manually transcribe (keyboard) voice recordings not suitable for automatic transcription by NaturallySpeaking (too much noise or several voices), also with the help of the foot pedal or Fkeys
  • Manually transcribe voice recordings generated with any BlackBerry, iPhone (as well as iPod Touch/iPad) and Android SmartPhones!

Besides, for the Dictating user:

  • Execution of his most frequent NaturallySpeaking Voice Commands with the USB foot pedal
  • Execution of his most frequent NaturallySpeaking Hotkeys with the pedal
  • Keyboard emulation, that is execution of any available key, also with the pedal.

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QuickTypist competitive Licence exchange

Allows our former clients to benefit from the advantages of the new QuickTypist, namely:

  • Faster performance
  • Windows 7/8 and 64 bits, as well as Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Legal, Medical and Premium 11 and 12 compatibility
  • Broad range of USB foot pedal compatibility
  • Playback, correction and editing of transcriptions in the main window of most common business applications
  • Annual maintenance contract (free upgrades and unlimited technical support).



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