FlexyMike Basic headworn microphone (FMB)

Main features:

  • World's lightest headworn microphone (a few grams!) for long hours of use, while barely noticing it
  • Unique design, with patent pending adjusting mechanism, creating a much more stable and comfortable fit, ideal for long sessions of work
  • Extremely flexible and durable material (titanium alloy), allowing extreme bending and excellent adaptation to anyone's head and face
  • Flesh or black color and small size making it virtually invisible from a few meters and therefore ideal to use in public places
  • Superior sound quality for speech recognition, voice recording and Internet telephony (Skype), matching or exceeding the finest microphones available on the market
  • Additional 1m cable extension
  • Spare windshield for noisy environments
  • Non corrosive, gold 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Optional USB sound card, if the quality of the internal PC soundcard is not good enough, or the user needs to work in different computers with the same set of Speech Files
  • Optional Bluetooth module, to work completely wireless

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